We are leading suppliers of lightweight armored vehicles, public safety vehicles, ambulance, fire fighter, trucks, bus and trailers to our clients from different professional backgrounds ranging from government agencies, defense, law enforcement, fire fighters, contractors, public and private industry with custom made vehicles that meet their requirements.


Armored (Tactical) Vehicles

We supply custom build vehicles that meet the end users requirements with the highest level of protection, vehicles that have undergone ballistic testing with the capability of moving, shooting and communicating in a variety of tough environments. Our clients include law enforcement, government and military agencies for transporting personnel and equipment’s.


Public Safety

Supply of public safety vehicles for government and non-government agencies and law enforcement.



We supply the best ambulance in the industry in terms of quality and performance while putting into consideration safety, comfort, convenience, maintenance costs and operating costs for our clients. We supply the following variety of ambulance Type III, Type I, medium Duty CCT/Hospital and stock all depending on our client’s specification.


Fire Fighter

Suppliers of all types of fire vehicles form civilian, military fire brigades for fire extinguishing in industries, airport and forest fires. Our fire extinguishing vehicles are extremely reliable and are designed in accordance with national and international regulations and to fulfill our client’s specific requirement. Our vehicles are reliable, dependable and deliver maximum performance under every extreme condition.



Supply of trucks, bus and trailer that address the critical issues of reliability, efficiency and safety for fleet operators to increase fleet uptime and reduce total cost of operation for law enforcement, defense, NGO’s, government agencies, security firms, private and public transport, industries.