Uniforms and Gear

We offer quality uniforms and gears for military, law enforcement officers and we believe through our excellent customer service we will not only build a strong foundation for our company but also a career and good reputation to our clientele and this will create a strong bond between our clients and the company.



Our collection of camouflage apparels include: tactical clothing, ACU style pants, ACU style shirts, BDU pants/military fatigues , BDU shirts/fatigue shirts, BDU shorts, combat shirts all in different sizes and colors for military, law enforcement and even for individuals who love outdoor activities and those looking for comfortable and durable pair of pants for work or even outdoor activities.



We provide an extensive supply of military boots, law enforcement, contractors, hiking and cold weather boots to ensure comfort in any situation. We have a wide array from black military boots, desert military boots, kid military boots, women military boots, military jungle boots and military tanker boots all ideal for different individuals.


First Aid Kit

We supply customized first aid kit from basic first aid kits to emergency first aid kits for camping, home, small office’s, vehicles, large institutions, law enforcement institutions and military. Here at Kinetic we have something to suit every situation and prices vary to ensure that we cater all while ensuring we do not limit the quality but we ensure that each kit is filled with quality first aid products and is constantly maintained and well stocked.


Utility Vest

Utility vests are either official military vests or are exact military replicas. We supply utility vests while taking note that they need to be of top notch to avoid situations whereby they wear out quickly, we ensure that the pockets are enough, of the right size and positioned well. Utility vests vary from light weight, heavy weight, and military equipment pack all according to different specification from the clients.



We supply Back packs designed for daily duty and specific equipment ranging from cargo bags, kit packs, military gear packs, military Alice packs, duffle bags, tactical back packs & bags, shoulder and messenger bags, equipment bags and tool bags / Shooters bag all these to ensure that our clients are able to find a bag pack that suits their needs..


Helmets (Helmet Mounting Accessories)

Military and law enforcement officers need high quality helmets made of ballistic materials such as Kevlar and Aramid, which ensure protection and offer non-ballistic protective qualities against threats such as shockwaves which we supply.


Solar H2O filtration

Solar H20 filtrations provide fresh, clean drinking water and are widely used in camping, disaster relief and military.