Security Screening

Due to recent security threats strict measures have been put in place in different industries such as aviation, defense, law enforcement, custom and border protection, event security, hotel industry and public transport. At kinetic Technologies we provide state of the art equipment’s that are reliable and are characterized by extremely high performance in terms of detection capability to ensure that companies maintain high security standards.


Retractable Bollards

They are used as obstacle for vehicle access to designated areas while allowing people, bicycles and motorcycles. Retractable bollards offer high security options and prevent vandalism.



Metal Detector

We provide metal detector for indoor and outdoor use such as walk through metal detectors and hand held metal detectors.


Cargo Screening Devices

We supply package screening, pallet screening and mail screening devices to provide high security standards in order to detect concealed equipment’s in parcels, letters and cargo’s in a fast and accurate manner for use in aviation industry, shopping facilities, freight and forwarding facilities and warehouses.


X-Ray Scanner (Mobile)

This is a unique system that provides solutions to the needs of application for difficult baggage and parcel inspection and can be mostly used in aviation, military, stadiums and event security solutions for the present and future.




Suppliers of a wide range of CCTV cameras from leading manufacturers all with the aim of providing top quality security surveillance for outdoor and indoor purposes such as Dome CCTV, Bullet CCTV, C-Mount CCTV, Day/Night, Infrared/Night Vision CCTV, Network/IP CCTV Camera, wireless CCTV, high definition HD CCTV Cameras with different features and for different locations and applications.