Personal Protection

Personal Protective Equipment’s are needed to protect the user against health or safety risks be it at home, work place or outdoors. Here at Kinetic Technologies we supply PPE’s for law enforcement, military, professionals in the construction and medical field and also to Individuals.

These range from:


Tactical gloves

We supply the right selection of tactical gloves to ensure that our clients do their job in the most effective manner at an affordable price. Our tactical gloves are of a wide variety and are designed to provide hand protection from sharp surfaces, mechanical hazards, and extreme temperatures, chemical’s, contamination and infection.



Police officers, military, fire fighters, medical paramedics and individuals who enjoy camping all need flash lights that are compact, convenient and easy to recharge. Our wide ranges of flash lights include: LED flashlights, duty flashlights, weapon light, headlamps and spot light all from world leading industries.


Handcuffs & Restraints

Through the products we supply we ensure that our wide range enable our law enforcement officers carry out the requirements of their job well. Our Handcuffs and Restraints range from: transport restraints, nickel cuffs, sturdy waist chains, chain handcuffs, hinged hand cuffs and lightweight disposable handcuffs.


Survival Knife

Survival knives can also be classified as self-defense equipment’s and should be designed for maximum versatility, at Kinetic Technologies we supply knives that are sleek, wearable and lightweight to ensure any individual using it will find it effective in any emergency situation. We offer survival knives for:

  • Law enforcement which are effective for close quarter defense designed to be easy to draw.
  • Hunting and Outdoor
  • All purpose and Utility
  • Military & Tactical


Knee & Elbow pads

Stun Guns and Tasers are both self-defense devices which are used commonly by law enforcement and even individuals for personal safety. Stun Guns disable muscle control of the attacker by use of voltage electricity while Taser’s use electrical current to disrupt muscle control to stop the attacker. Here at Kinetic our main goal is to ensure that our clientele procure products that are most effective hence we offer professional advice to ensure that you procure the most effective self-defense device at an affordable price.

All these to ensure that you our clientele have a wide variety of products to choose from.



Stun gun & taser

Filed kitchen was primarily used by the military and comprises of a mobile kitchen, mobile canteens, and food trucks used to provide warm foods in temporary encampments. We supply the world’s leading field equipment which are easier to set up, dismantle, equipment’s that ensure easier preparation of meals while camping for kitchen for family, groups who have organized camping and military camping.

The main key features of our wide array of products include a combination of inorganic materials that give it a unique outdoor look and feel and are portable, durable and easy to handle all depending on the size of the group.