Communication equipment


VHF Radios

VHF Radio equipment’s are specialized for long distance radio communications and for various purposes such as rescue services. Our equipment’s have a powerful communication system and also supply of VHF Radio Accessories.


Satellite Communications terminal

Satellite communications are needed in defense, aviation and law enforcement and mostly in military to ease communication in harsh and demanding environments without line of sight to the military bases. We provide high performance systems which are reliable, easy to use and train.


Secure Surveillance Communication

We offer surveillance communication that can be used by law enforcement, banking institutions, security firms and defense such as: wireless cameras, handheld cameras, Wi-Fi cameras, fake security cameras all with the aim of maintaining high security surveillance.


GPS Location and Tracking

We offer GPS tracker devices for vehicle, people and even assets. Devices include: GPS fleet tracking, GPS vehicle tracking, GPS child tracking and International GPS tracker.