We supply camping equipment’s and accessories for outdoor activities suitable for home camping sleep overs, hiking and winter camping expeditions.



We supply the world’s most recognized brands such as Coleman, Vango, Wildcountry and Terra Nova from tents for family, weekend tents, back packing tents, lightweight tents, festival tents, military tents, mountaineering tents and Pop Up tents. We offer our quality top trusted brands of high quality, superior reliability, trusted technology and ultra-resistant materials according to their specification whilst offering our best expertise to ensure that the tent suites the type of outdoor environment and weather conditions.

We have a wide range of top quality selection for our clients to choose from.


Sleeping Bags

Over the years camouflage netting has been linked to the military which they use to keep their troops safe but here at Kinetic Technologies we offer a wide range of Camonets for all kinds of activities from military, hunting wildlife, bird watching, theme parks, safari parks, film studios and all these are available at different sizes all custom tailored to fit the client’s requirement.


Camouflage netting

Supply a range of synthetic sleeping bags, single/double, self-inflating matts, airbeds all of the best quality and with higher ratings to ensure our clients choose the right sleeping bag to ensure they sleep comfortably and are warm at night during their expeditions.


Field Kitchen

Filed kitchen was primarily used by the military and comprises of a mobile kitchen, mobile canteens, and food trucks used to provide warm foods in temporary encampments. We supply the world’s leading field equipment which are easier to set up, dismantle, equipment’s that ensure easier preparation of meals while camping for kitchen for family, groups who have organized camping and military camping.

The main key features of our wide array of products include a combination of inorganic materials that give it a unique outdoor look and feel and are portable, durable and easy to handle all depending on the size of the group.